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About You

A young journalist once asked Harold Macmillan what the biggest problems facing his governments were. He famously replied, "Events, dear boy, Events."

At Square Peg we know the same is true in business. Whatever the situation Square Peg can help ensure events don't get the better of your organisations.

For your next act, will you hit the ground running or just hit the ground? Square Peg supports clients to be successful as they face new personal and organisational challenges. Our development energy is spent understanding what keeps clients awake at night, not on the latest fad. The number one cause of unease is new events impacting the organisation. 

How we can help

At the centre of what we do is Square Peg's holistic approach to consulting.

Put simply, we believe there are three elements essential for business success: strategy, leadership and people practices. Where many consultancies deal with each in isolation, Square Peg tackles them together. Only when all three are aligned can performance really take off.

Implementation Planning


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