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Small Consultancies can punch above their weight 

Consulting Times' Mick James takes a look at the 'dark matter of the consulting industry' and cites Square Peg as a case in point.

See article on page 10.

Double win for Square Peg International at Institute of Consulting Awards 

See article on page 5.

Square Peg Managing Director is featured in the March 2010 edition of Strategy Magazine. 

In this feature article Doug underlines the importance of high-quality leadership and explains how a commitment to strategic thinking and planning for worst-case scenarios can bring rewards.

Kingston Business School celebrates Square Peg awards wins

Square Peg has close ties with the Kingston Business School and was delighted to be joined at the recent Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) awards by Dr Stuart Archbold, Associate Dean and Director of the Kingston Business School. Dr Archbold commented: ‘We are very pleased to be associated with this award-winning team of exceptional consultants and grateful for the generous support that Doug and Square Peg provide to Kingston Business School.’


Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) in the Spotlight – Awards recognise the value of consultancy - Professional Manager Magazine

Following Square Peg’s double win at the UK Institute of Business Consulting Awards, the team featured in this article in Professional Manager, January 2010. 

Personnel Today 

Karen Dempsey, Editor interviewed Doug Ross to reveal exclusive details of our research entitled 'The new world demands a new view of strategic leadership - moving beyond planning'. The three page article was entitled 'A little less conversation, a little more action please' and gave insights into survey respondents attitudes towards their senior leaders.


CFO Europe

Janet Kersnar, Editor-in-Chief interviewed Senior Consultant Phoebe Dunn on the topic of our recent research report Stop Throwing Good Money after Bad; Breaking the Wasteful Leadership Development Spiral. The article was entitled ‘Filling the void – why honing tomorrow’s finance leaders is a lot harder than it looks.’

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