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Why Square Peg?

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These are the factors we believe make us who we are...

Square Peg International is a recognised practice of the UK Institute of Business Consulting. We are also recognised by the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Canada. 

"Real world”/pragmatic
Seasoned experts, our consultants understand from first-hand experience the challenges of running and growing an organisation. We know that business success is the bottom line.

Each client’s needs are different so we use proven tools and fresh ideas from our research and clientwork across industry sectors to create innovative solutions.

We really believe in what we do, which means we add excitement and energy to the organisations we work with. We help leaders energise their people, we are catalysts for change and we are open and receptive to new ideas.

Unlike other firms that bring only functional or technical expertise, we take a holistic approach to our work, focusing on the strategy, leadership and people practices that contribute to organisational effectiveness. This approach, combined with our strong commercial acumen, means our recommendations are fact-based, results-oriented and feasible.

Future-oriented thinking balanced with present-day focus on execution
We are committed to adding value to our clients in the long term, while delivering to short-term deadlines. We ask all the big picture questions and anticipate the medium to long-term consequences of our work to ensure we can really deliver value.

Modern Work Space

Why work with us?

Our attitude

What really sets us apart is the integrity we bring to our work.

It is about leadership, making things happen, and a “no-bull” attitude. We realise that what matters is practical, real results. So we insist our solutions need to pass the common-sense test - always!

We know that the best consulting services are an investment – not a cost. Square Peg International works to deliver the best return on clients’ investment by helping them achieve brilliant results. We do this by creating an atmosphere where passion, innovation, humour, honesty and challenge to the status quo are nurtured and revered, we can attract great people and produce world-class work for some of the best clients on the planet.

Underpinning everything we do is our strong business savvy which means that our work is always firmly rooted in the real-world, our recommendations are practical, and the results are sustainable.

Our solutions

Flexible and bespoke
We don’t use off-the-shelf solutions, we don’t have to. We are innovators – thought leaders with global breadth and depth of services. Our network of consultants and independent associates can provide whatever level of service our clients need, from over the shoulder advice to hands–on involvement.

Thought leaders
We also pride ourselves on being thought leaders and regularly undertake new research to
complement our practical work. Results and articles are gathered together at Square Peg Thinking, so our clients can benefit from our very latest strategic management insights.

Underpinning everything we do is our strong business savvy which means that our work is always firmly rooted in the real-world, our recommendations are practical, and the results are sustainable.

our mission

Our mission is quite simply to do great work for our clients.

We aim to advance both the understanding and the practice of strategic management and people practices because we believe their alignment has the power to radically improve the way organisations perform.

Our role

We are well aware that organisations hire consultants to fill a variety of roles depending on the situation. They might need someone with no political axe to grind who can challenge the status quo and shake things up a little, or perhaps an extra pair of hands to get things done. Alternatively, some clients need us to advise, to be seen to listen with integrity or to give specialist support.

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