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We are business consultants focused on the people side of change.

Our clients include some of the world’s largest brands and, in the 18 years since our foundation, we’ve supported clients in putting strategy into action in over 20 countries.

We help leaders and their organisations go through transitions and deal with events that demand fast, effective change by providing the ‘integrating force’ between strategy leadership and people.

Working Together

Covid 19: Mourning our loss, reimagining our future

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In the midst of the undulating pandemic, polarised experiences, exacerbated inequalities, and increasing unrest, the pain of loss in 2021 is coursing through us all. Loss of our old ways of working, loss of how we value ourselves given the ‘new normal’, and loss of our old behaviours challenge us at every turn. In this article, we shed light on the origins of this loss, discuss the process of mourning, and identify ways to use ‘CPR for the soul’ and ‘corporate defibrillation’ to engage our creative imaginations and restore hope in the future.

Square Peg's Act of Kindness

Square Peg’s Random Acts of Kindness, inspired by the musical Come From Away, that celebrates hope, humanity and charity.




“What I value above all in Square Peg International, is their unique style. All their people were 100% focused on delivering excellent results for BEIG through pragmatic, proactive and hands-on work. They are certainly ‘grafters’ but they can also deliver frank and dispassionate advice – particularly when a stressed-out Director, Operations is not inclined to hear it. Our Pioneer project for example, was nothing short of the complete re-platforming of all business activity. Failure was simply not an option, so I hired Square Peg over other Big 5 and boutique firms for their extraordinary commitment to partnership, great work and client value.”

Tania Howarth, Director, Operations Birds Eye Iglo Group

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