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Design changes

We believe FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. The form your organisation takes must support individuals and teams to best undertake the functions required to deliver the goals. It is therefore critical to understand the proposition that your organisation is promising to its shareholders and customers and the value chain of critical activities needed to deliver on those promises. Effective organisational design does not start with boxes and charts, but with a fundamental understanding of the business strategy.

Resizing, downsizing and capsizing!

Resizing your organisation? Is this the best response to recovering prosperity or merely the least creative solution to dwindling profitability and an unforgiving competitive environment? Square Peg can take a hard look at the steps necessary for a successful resizing.

Now that you have taken your company apart, how do you put the people back together? Restructuring may have changed your company for the better. But it may also have weakened something vital to your competitive edge and growth: the commitment of your people. Redefining an organisation is not enough to make it grow. Growth requires an engaged workforce. We can help put your people back in your business and energise the human resource.

New business agendas

Whatever business you are in and wherever you are located your business environment is likely to be changing. Rapidly. How do you cope with the constantly shifting sands of your marketplace and still hit your long-term targets? How can you tell a trend that is going to redefine your industry from a flash-in-the-pan? 

At Square Peg we are used to helping clients face the challenges of new business agendas. Whether it’s a market upturn or downturn, new competition or a change to the regulatory environment, or social, economic or technical developments our expertise can help organisations make sense of change and adapt with both agility and wisdom.

Business transformations

Productivity, performance and morale almost always plummet during times of change. If these factors are not addressed head on in your development, growth or expansion plans they will end up eroding brand value or investment, no matter how carefully the financial and operational aspects of a business transformation are managed. 

Square Peg supports clients to manage the human side of change more proactively, so that deals succeed and synergies are realised. Our honesty and integrity make us valued partners during times of politically-charged change. Our cultural due diligence and audit tools can both set transformation agendas and act as early warning systems for potential problems. 

Once the deal is done, we can also advise and provide coaching to help clients manage communication, the alignment of culture, brand and values, without taking their eyes off business success.

Strategic board reviews

The boards of world-class companies are under more scrutiny than ever before from regulators, from government and from other stakeholders. They are under pressure to maximise shareholder value, to manage risks, to take responsibility for improving corporate governance and decision making, whilst also attracting and retaining the company’s top leaders.

Square Peg is committed to helping clients strengthen their boards. We can help to ask the important questions, build processes that work and ensure that the right directors are in place to advance the strategy.

Life after re-engineering

Today’s customers demand the highest quality products and services, tailored to discerning and rapidly evolving needs. But they also expect low cost, efficient delivery and fast response times. Flexibility is essential to those organisations that intend to compete and every aspect of business has to become customer driven and responsive.

But re-engineering is not an end in itself. New approaches to management and strategy are essential. Being flexible is more than removing internal barriers and using new technology, just as being responsive is more than opening a customer care line.

Square Peg brings together leading edge thinking and proven practices to help clients build and manage truly flexible organisations. Our track record of supporting senior teams in innovative and successful firms speaks for itself. And the quest for fresh ideas in our research means we can present the latest thinking, helping our clients keep up to date on new management ideas and producing results that make change efforts worthwhile.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are increasingly popular amongst companies seeking rapid growth, but they can be risky strategies if the cultural and human factors are not properly managed. Although the legal, financial and operational aspects of M&As traditionally receive the greatest attention, executives who have been through the merger process are beginning to recognise that managing the cultural and human side of change is critical to maximising deal value.

Management in the acquiring company is often unprepared to deal with the post-merger dynamics and politics that can lead to reduced revenue, increased cost, or unmanaged risk. Underestimation and/or lack of consideration of the people or cultural integration challenges and the impact of varying leadership styles are some of the factors that can erode expected “deal value”. Any resulting loss of customers and revenues can actually negate the anticipated benefits of the consolidated organisation. An effective integration plan that directly confronts any cultural factors will avoid such “deal killers.”

Square Peg has many years of experience of helping organisations to maximize deal value by managing the cultural transition issues of M&A situations whilst still: 

• Meeting multiple stakeholder expectations;
• Managing the impact of ego-led acquisitions and unrealistic coalitions; and
• Minimising declining productivity, performance, and morale during times of change. 

Public sector mandates

The changing economy has placed enormous pressures on public and voluntary service providers to slash spending and capital investment without sacrificing the quality of their service.

Square Peg supports public organisations in their response to these challenges with new ideas and novel approaches to the delivery of services.

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